Week 1


Focus of the week: How does one set up and develop a partnership when working (largely or entirely) remotely for whatever reason? What does it take from those working as partnership brokers to set the tone and build an approach that will not only reduce the challenges of working long-distance but will engage partners in new ways that support creative and pro-active ways of working? What online interventions can help to set the right tone and atmosphere for a partnership to flourish?

 1st Group meeting: The intention for the small groups of course participants, is to create a ‘laboratory’ for experimenting with new ideas for collaborating remotely. Each week you will each be invited to try out a new way of communicating and / or managing a group task – whether you take these from the course materials or create new approaches yourself. The important thing is to be ‘intentional’ about what you are hoping to achieve – for example: do you want to understand more about the contexts in which your fellow course participants are operating? If so, how will you initiate this? What tools / techniques / approaches do you feel will make this process really helpful / engaging/ relevant? In this first group meeting you are asked to apply approaches and/or tools that can assist a new partnership in getting to know each other and building rapport.

Journal review prompts: Personal reflections on what happened in the group session and what was learnt about initiating remote collaboration. Which approaches / tools worked well / less well and why as well as some thoughts on how this compares with your own remote partnering experiences and how you might adapt the tools or approaches your group tried out for your specific context and scenario.

Webinar 1: Reflections and considerations when initiating remote partnerships – Thursday 2nd April at 16:00 London time. You can watch it here:

Assignment: Please submit your journal entries for Week 0 and Week 1 by end of day Wednesday 8th April. Please send your assignement to Marta at info@partnershipbrokers.org.

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Please go through and acquaint yourself with the following resources:

Catherine Russ on language in remote partnering:

Joanna Pyres on time in remote partnering:

Joanna Pyres on context in remote partnering:


Click here to download: Guidelines for Giving and Receiving Feeddback (pdf)


Click here to download: The Issue of Leadership in a Collaborative Model (pdf)

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