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This initiative has seen the development of a number of exciting and original programmes – combining awareness raising, knowledge development and increasing confidence in partnering remotely.

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Find the option that best meets your professional needs or the needs of your partnership and / or organisation.

Face-to-face Workshops
for practitioners, functional leads and decision-makers
Commissioned workshops (ranging from a 0.5-day workshop for up to 100 people to a 3-day vocational training course) that are designed to build awareness of the importance of building capacity for partnering remotely and to deepening understanding of what it takes to manage remote partnerships imaginatively and effectively. The 3-day course is designed for up to 24 participants and, in terms of design and delivery approaches, draws on the rich experience of the internationally-recognised 4-day Partnership Brokers Training – albeit with a different focus.
These options can be followed up with on-going coaching and mentoring – undertaken long-distance.
Contact info@partnershipbrokers.org for more information and to discuss your needs.

Remote Partnering Online Programme
commissioned by partnerships or organisations
A unique programme developed and run by the Geneva Learning Foundation which is a world leader in online learning using the Scholar platform with an established approach that can be suitably nuanced for each commissioning organisation. This can cater for up to 500 participants per cohort and enables a significant contribution to building internal coherence and partnering strategy within large organisations that may themselves be highly distributed in structure.
A fully qualified partnership broker accompanies the programme and helps to shape and steer the content. This option is designed to: impact organisational cultures, contribute to strategic change processes and build tipping points for system change around the organisation’s partnering practices.
Contact info@partnershipbrokers.org for more information and to discuss your needs.

Certificate in Brokering Partnerships Remotely
for front-line practitioners
Designed for individual practitioners (either nominated by their organisations / partners or self-nominating) this course runs over a two-month period using easily accessed IT platforms. Each cohort comprises up to 60 people and offers a level of 1-2-1 coaching / support from the course facilitator (a fully qualified partnership broker who is themselves a front-line practitioner with on-line training and learning expertise).
New cohorts start whenever there are sufficient numbers of applicants. Go to Brokering Partnerships Remotely.

Under discussion:

Partnering under Pressure
for those partnering in high risk and other fragile contexts
This programme is aimed at those in the field operating in conflict and / or fragile contexts – where they engage, both as partnership coordinators / managers and as partners.  We believe there is an important job to be done to build new professional competencies and approaches whereby individuals step up to undertake specific partnership-building roles and carry certain responsibilities on behalf of the emerging partner group.
This is also a way of building new models of shared leadership (stepping up and stepping back as needed and working on the basis of ‘what can I do?’ rather than ‘they should…’ and building local partnerships that are as ‘good as they can be’ rather than just ‘good enough’.
Contact info@partnershipbrokers.org for more information and to discuss your needs.