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Certificate in Brokering Partnerships Remotely:

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Whether due to Covid-19 lock down / social isolation realities, partner locations being hard to reach or for reasons of resource efficiency, partnering remotely is rapidly becoming the new normal. This inevitably changes the way partners are able to relate to each other and work together.  It requires us (especially those of us operating in the partnership brokering role) to re-think our approaches and to build new ways of working that combine creativity (‘art’) and rigour (‘science’) in order to turn perceived partnering challenges into real (perhaps unexpected) opportunities. 

The aims of the course – both for the course team as well as for the course participants – are to: 

  • Explore this new paradigm and create new knowledge from the first-hand experiences of the group 
  • Build our understanding, skills and capacities as partnership practitioners 
  • Enable us to broker partnerships remotely in ways with confidence and courage in a world that needs collaboration more than ever before

It is designed for people who want to develop their skills and confidence in working remotely to broker, build, manage and optimise all forms of multi-stakeholder collaboration and offers a unique opportunity to explore how those brokering remote partnerships can:

  • Build strong working relationships with partners who may come from different cultures, value systems and / or types of organisation and who only rarely (if ever) meet face to face 
  • Build on diversity – respecting each partner’s priorities / needs and valuing what each partner brings
  • Grow partnering / partnership brokering skills (both their own and their partners) that enable the delivery of strong partnerships and model good partnering practices
  • Evolve remote partnering strategies appropriate to each participant’s context and circumstances  
  • Experiment with new tools and approaches in a safe learning environment
  • Consider how best to work with donor requirements for due diligence and compliance alongside a more collaborative and less hierarchical model
  • Assess the effectiveness and added value of remote collaboration – what it is achieving and how, by being challenged, it could achieve more 

The course runs over a 5-week period and requires participants to commit around 4 hours per week to pre-reading, participation in online sessions and completing weekly tasks including the compiling of a weekly journal.  Online support is provided through a range of inputs including: a course work book, videos, interactive modules, small group work and weekly 1.5 hour webinars .

Once you have enrolled for the course, you will be sent a copy of the COURSE MANUAL which is designed to accompany your journey through the course and which you are encouraged to look through in advance of week 1 of the course to give you an overview of what to expect.

The course is co-curated by two Authorised Practitioner Trainers from the Partnership Brokers Association who will provide in-puts during the course, facilitate dialogue and keep participants on track to complete the course successfully. The course is supported by a Course Administrator with considerable experience of working with individuals and groups on-line.

Certification: Each participant will produce a ‘journal’ (written, video or visual) that will be reviewed by a qualified partnership broker who has a strong background in remote partnering. Participants who complete the course requirements will be awarded a formal  Certificate by the Partnership Brokers Association – the leading global organisation that provides international vocational training in partnership brokering.

This course is for partnership practitioners with responsibility for mobilising and managing partnerships in scenarios where those involved rarely (if ever) meet face to face. It is not a beginner’s course. If you are managing / brokering partnerships remotely, and you feel challenged and / or isolated in this role, this course will provide insight, knowledge, practical advice, ideas and an understanding of the skills required together with a community of support. Cohorts will be small (typically around 30 participants) to ensure attention can be paid to individual needs.

This course is part of the Remote Partnering Project ( that was crowd funded between 2016 and 2018 by a number of INGOs including ACT ALLIANCE, BRITISH RED CROSS, CARE, OXFAM, SAVE THE CHILDREN. Funding for the development of new materials and the on-line technology for this course was provided by the British Red Cross for which the Partnership Brokers Association is very grateful.

Quotes below are from graduates of the Certificate in Brokering Partnerships Remotely course: