Brokering Partnerships Remotely – October 2020

In this 5-week course you’ll have the opportunity to explore how those brokering remote partnerships can:

  • Build strong working relationships with partners who may come from different cultures, value systems and / or types of organisation and who only rarely (if ever) meet face to face 
  • Build on diversity – respecting each partner’s priorities / needs and valuing what each partner brings
  • Grow partnering / partnership brokering skills (both their own and their partners) that enable the delivery of strong partnerships and model good partnering practices
  • Evolve remote partnering strategies appropriate to each participant’s context and circumstances  
  • Experiment with new tools and approaches in a safe learning environment
  • Consider how best to work with donor requirements for due diligence and compliance alongside a more collaborative and less hierarchical model
  • Assess the effectiveness and added value of remote collaboration – what it is achieving and how, by being challenged, it could achieve more 

So welcome to the course – let’s get started!

Watch the short video introducing the Course website and technology we use, check out the Course Manual in the menu on the right and proceed to Week 1: Foundations & Getting Started (available from Friday, 11 September 2020).