Week 0

Week 0 – Orientation  

Focus of the week: During orientation week, you will: receive clear instructions as to what activities are required to complete the course; be introduced to some core definitions and concepts that underpin the course; be shown how familiarise yourself with the online course community; consider the value of being a ‘reflective practitioner’ and reflect on the guidelines for starting your journal.  

You will be introduced to the idea of the practice partnerships and assigned to an online working group (approx. 4-6 participants in each). From this point on, you will be asked to set up times for your weekly group meeting. (There will be some slippage time at the end of the course if groups struggle to meet within the given weekly cycle). These will be practice partnerships where the goal will be to  experiment, try out new ideas and approaches and receive feedback from each other. At the end of the four group meetings, you will prepare a group presentation to the larger group at the last webinar on ‘Effective Methods of Online Partnering’ you have discovered in your time as a group.  You may want to nominate a group lead to ensure these meetings are set up efficiently and / or share the role of facilitator for the group. This is up to you. Facilitators are encouraged to structure conversations so that all can participate .

In your journal, you’ll be: outlining your individual partnering context; capturing your current remote partnering challenges and objectives and building your ideas about how to refresh / build a more effective remote partnering approach.

You will also be signposted to a number of further remote partnering resources.

Journal review prompts: Capturing responses to questions or issues posed in the pre-course module and initial thoughts on personal priorities for the course.

Webinar 0: Introduction to the Brokering Remote Partnerships Course: Thursday 26 March at 9:00am (East Coast Australia time).

You can watch the webinar recording here:

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Please go through and acquaint yourself with the following resources:

Pre-course module-click here

Welcome to the course – from Catherine Russ
Introduction to Brokering Remote Partnerships

Click here to download: Remote Partnering Work Book (pdf)


Partnering self-assessment questionnaire (docx) – click here to download. Please fill it in and do NOT submit it – the questionnaire is for you to help you to reflect on your partnering work.


Click here to download: Practice Partnerships Instructions


Click here to download: Journaling Guidelines

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