Brokering Partnerships – the Foundations Module

Welcome to the Brokering Partnerships – the Foundations Module course!

Brokering Partnerships – the Foundations Module introduces the frameworks and conceptual thinking that underpin our (PBA’s) understanding of partnership processes. They provide course participants with a shared language about partnerships and partnership brokering.
The course has been richly informed by insights and experiences from PBA’s in-person Partnership Brokers Training and will continue to evolve from cohort to cohort, by including new thinking and insights as these emerge.

This module provides an opportunity to:

  • appreciate the importance and multidimensional nature of partnership brokering and gaine new confidence to step into this role when required
  • gaine deeper insights into your own practice
  • get to know key conceptual frameworks that give your practice structure and rigour
  • recognise that while no two partnerships are the same, they all follow a similar lifecycle, facing similar challenges and barriers. These new conceptual frameworks can help you anticipate and navigate these in your partnership work.

Course objectives:

  • Deepen understanding of professional partnership management (‘brokering’)
  • Build awareness of conceptual frameworks on partnership process management
  • Strengthen skills required to broker partnerships 
  • Develop a reflective and principled approach to professional partnering practice
  • Reveal new insights into your own partnering practice and build your confidence as a broker
  • Explore innovative approaches to addressing challenges in partnerships

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