Brokering Effective Partnerships

Welcome to the Brokering Effective Partnerships learning platform!

Here you will find information about the sessions. Please scroll down for objectives, logistics, session dates and times and Zoom links to the sessions and training groups.  

On the right-hand side, you will see menu buttons for each of the sessions. We will point you to relevant reading for each session and we will upload slides and other materials we used during the sessions there.

This learning platform is only accessible for the SDGP participants of this training. It has a Forum where you can ask questions and share experiences with other SDGPs. See link to the forum in the right menu below the session menu.

Session Objectives

  • Participants will acquire a sound understanding of a range of skills and tools, the conceptual frameworks that inform good partnering practice, understand principles as a basis for partnerships and the different stages of partnership management.
  • And you will explore how to apply these to your own SDGP context and responsibilities.
  • You will also have opportunities to share experiences with your own SDGP colleagues, with other SDGP partnerships in other countries and with the trainers.

Session Logistics

The online introduction Brokering Effective Partnerships session consists of four sessions of approx. 2 hours. The sessions take place over a two-week period on Monday and Thursday. Each session consists of a facilitated part and some self-facilitated group learning.
Sessions are hosted on Zoom; you will receive a Zoom calendar invite for your sessions – please accept! To get the best value out of the online sessions it is advised to have good audio (headphone and video) and a quiet place to work from during the sessions. The links to the Zoom sessions can also be found below.

Session dates, times and Zoom-links for each group

The sessions take place on Monday 8, Thursday 11, Monday 15 & Thursday 18 February. There will be SDGP partners participating from all over the world. To accommodate different languages and time-zones we have created groups based on geographical location and/or language: English – Asia Group, English – Africa Group, Groupe Français & Groupe Espagnol.

Sessions – what to expect and what to prepare

For each session, we will focus on a particular element of the partnering process. You will find the main themes in the table below. We will do our best to design each session based on the particular needs expressed in the introduction conversations and during the sessions.
To familiarize yourself with the content, there is some light reading to do prior to each session. In the menu on the right-hand side, you will find a menu button for each of the sessions. Here we will point you to relevant reading per session and you will also find the slides and other materials we used during the sessions.