Brokering Effective Partnerships Groups – Asia

English Asia time zone 09:00-11:00 CET

The sessions will take place on Monday 8, Thursday 11, Monday 15 & Thursday 18 February 2021.

COASTS – Coastal Opportunities and Agricultural Solutions to Tackle Salinity in Bangladesh (SDGP2184BD):
·        ICCO
·        Lal Teer Seed Limited
·        Interdisciplinary Institute for Food
·        Soil Resource Development Institute
Fiber for the Future, Farming of Abaca in the Philippines (SDGP2326PH)
·        Stichting Reformatorische Hulpaktie Woord en Daad
·        Kennemer Foods International
·        Agronomika Finance Corporation
·        Department of Agrarian Reform
·        PhilFIDA
CashYOU – Sustainable Organic Cashew in Cambodia (SDGP2312KH)
·        Doens Food Ingredients B.V.
·        Signatures of Asia Co Ltd
·        ICCO
·        Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP)
·        Department of Industrial Crops (DIC)
Transforming the Cocoa Sector in Indonesia through Value Addition for Smallholders (SDGP2178RI)
·        Stichting Rainforest Alliance
·        PT Valrhona Bali Chocolate Park (Valrhona SAS/Savencia Group)
·        Yayasan Kalimajari
·        District Government of Jembrana (Pemerintah Kabupaten Jembrana)
·        Rikolto
Smart Farming, Healthy Food – Bangladesh (SDGP2189BD)
·        Stichting Solidaridad Nederland
·        Solidaridad Bangladesh Team
·       East-West Seed
Value Chain Development for Potato and Processing in Kurdistan Region Iraq (SDGP2329IQ)
·        CABI
·        HZPC Holland
·        Kurdistan Holland Company
·        Directorate of Agriculture Duhok
·        General Directorate of Agriculture Duhok/Kurdistan Region
·        University of Duhok