greenhairWe are challenging the limitations of partnering remotely by emerging some exciting new thinking about how best to support and grow more effective remote partnering practice.
Whatever evolves from this project must be capable of meeting a wide variety of needs, constraints and contextual specifics – we can only know what is really needed and what is possible by closely working with those who currently struggle to make remote working work which is why we work with a number of partners and their networks and reach out to front line practitioners directly.

Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly – capable of crossing language, sector and hierarchical boundaries – which means jargon-free, flexible, imaginative, inter-active and not over-reliant on technology. If you have ideas to share or test please contact us.


Phase 2:

September 2017 to February 2018
The interest and feedback generated by our work on remote partnering to date has convinced us that the time is right to launch an on-line Certificate in Remote Partnering. The pilot does live in February 2018 with a rich mix of participants from across the globe operating in a range of challenging contexts. Participants for the pilot have been nominated by our partner organisations that have also sponsored the development costs of this unique course – offered by the Geneva Learning Foundation and the Scholar Programme.
We expect the course not just to build confidence and capacity in those who complete it, but to produce new and invaluable insights and materials that will enable remote partnering as a paradigm to become more effective, efficient and innovative. Above all, we believe it can lead to more inclusive, equitable and imaginative engagement.
It is expected that the course will move to open enrolment later in 2018 – when we have had a chance to learn from the pilot and revise the course content in the light of experience.
Watch this space!

May to September 2017
Through our partner organisations and a series of webinars and further 1-2-1 conversations, we have taken our explorations further. In parallel a specific project with one of our partners, Action Against Hunger, has seen the development and launch of a new on-line Tool Box developed by practitioners for practitioners We see this, together with our major on-line Remote Partnering Programme (see below), as having a potentially big impact on a number of partnering endeavours worldwide including those that are dedicated to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.

January to April 2017
Design Workshop was held in January 2017 in the UK for partners, field colleagues and specialists (including a creative artist, story teller and on-line learning pioneer) that built on research findings and explored / developed some creative new approaches for testing in the field. Creativity Workshops will take place in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to test suggested approaches, explore new ideas and help shape the roll out programme.

Phase 1:

September to December 2016
Action research completed that assessed: what the challenges of remote partnering are; if/where there are examples of successful remote partnerships working well and what lessons can be drawn from these findings. Approaches included: desk-top research, an on-line survey, face-to-face and skype interviews, group discussions, case study analysis and papers from front line practitioners. As materials become available they will be uploaded onto the web site – seeking comments and further contributions. Report is available on this site (see: Outputs).