beardThis project was initiated by the Partnership Brokers Association in July 2016 and has been developed in close collaboration with four partners since that date. Each partner’s lead representative (see names in bold below) work together as the governance group to oversee the project’s development, delivery and finances.

It is fundamental to this enquiry that we undertake it as a partnership in order to:

  • Bring the richest experience, widest range of questions and new thinking to the task
  • Be able to access different networks of practitioners and diverse types of partnership both as sources of information and as potential testers of innovative approaches
  • Build from first hand experience of the constraints and opportunities of working remotely in order to inform our exploration from our shared experience
  • Share the risks and responsibilities for: resource procurement; delivering agreed outcomes & outputs and evolving a long-term, self-sustaining capacity-strengthening programme

The founding partners are:

Action Against Hunger

aah_logoKey contacts:
Juliet Parker
Robina Shaheen

British Red Cross

British Red CrossKey contact:
Lucy Morris


paxKey contact:
Mathieu Hermans


pbaKey contacts:
Ros Tennyson*
Catherine Russ (Project Manager)
Joanna Pyres (Research)


prcKey contacts:
Marieke de Wal*
Anne Marike Lokhorst (Research)

* Co-Chairs of the Governance Group

Each partner has made a financial (or equivalent pro bono) contribution to the project’s core funding.

Humanitarian Leadership AcademyAdditional funding has been gratefully received from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (CAN Fund) for the Design and Creativity Labs link to Programme

As the project expands, new partners will join as we trial new ideas and build robust and fit for purpose remote partnering approaches and models.

New Partners:


CARE International



International Planned Parenthood Federation



Oxfam International


Expressions of interest to date have come from:

  • Amnesty International (Netherlands)
  • Start Network
  • World Economic Forum

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