Week 4


Focus of the week: In the final week, we will explore how to assess the added value, sustainable outcomes and transformative potential of your partnerships. Examining the partnership itself (rather than the partnership’s projects / activities) requires rigour and sensitivity – the process itself, well brokered, can add additional depth and value.

 4th Group meeting: Have a facilitated discussion about the various ways in which you might assess your partnerships.  What actions might you take with your partners to understand how effective and transformational the partnership is as well as where it is falling short of expectations and potential? This final week will also be focused on partnership groups finalising their presentations for the final webinar.  Groups are asked to submit the link to their presentations to the PBA team at least 24 hours before the last webinar.

 Journal review prompts: Share your reflections on your understanding of assessing partnerships against a number of critical success factors and your general reflections on your role as a remote partnership broker moving forward. (i.e. what you will be doing differently as a result of this course) Complete your journal and get it ready for submission

Webinar 4: Celebrating the Remote Partnership Brokering Journey and Capturing Its Worth – Thursday 23rd April at 9:00am London time (1:00 Vancouver/ 2:00 Edmonton and Costa Rica/ 4.00 Toronto and Ottawa/ 10:00 Europe/ 11:00 Kenya, Uganda and Ukraine/ 14:30 Myanmar / 15:00 Cambodia and Indonesia/ 18:00 Canberra/ 20:00 Wellington)

You can watch the webinar recording here:

Assignment: Please submit your journal entries by end of day Monday 11th May. Please submit your assignement to Marta at info@partnershipbrokers.org.

Please go through and acquaint yourself with the following resources:

Catherine Russ on building trust in remote partnerships:

Please watch PBA Associates reflecting on remote partnering:

Julie Mundy, Australia, PBA Training Lead
Naina Shakya, Nepal, ICIMOD
Rafal Serafin, Poland

Click here to download: Breaking the Hourglass: Partnerships in Remote Management Settings – Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan (pdf)


Click here to download: Partnership Practices for Localisation – Guidance Note (pdf)

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