Week 2


Focus of the week: This is an opportunity to consider the concept of ‘principled partnering’ and evolving ways of working that build greater equity, openness and mutuality (and more) as core values and aspirations of the partnership.

2nd Group meeting: Consider the materials on partnering issues and principles and discuss if / how they apply in each of your partnerships. Are there others that would be more important in your different scenarios? What is your partnership brokering role in promoting good practice principles and challenging partners if they are not adhered to (either in terms of actions or behaviours)? How could you introduce the idea of principles into a remote partnership meeting? How could you get partners to agree their working principles? What can you do if partners do not keep to agreed principles of working? What challenges might you face and how could you avoid them? What are peoples experiences, if any, of working with a principled approach?

Journal review prompts: What can I do to present and apply partnering good practice principles in my own remote partnership(s)? What am I learning from the others in my group about new ways of approaching remote partnering creatively? How will I know when principles are being embedded / ignored?

 Webinar 2: Embedding good practice principles when partnering remotely – Thursday 9th April at 9:00am London time.

You can watch the webinar here:


Assignment: Please submit your journal entries for Week 0 and Week 1 by end of day Wednesday 8th April. Please send your assignement to Marta at info@partnershipbrokers.org

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Please go through and acquaint yourself with the following resources:

Catherine Russ on applying partnership principles online:


Click here to download: Leading Groups Online (pdf)


Click here to download: Embedding Partnering Principles When Working Remotely (pdf)


Click here to download: How can we use technology to reinforce the key partnering principles when partnering remotely? (pdf)


Click here to download: Tips for using Zoom for online groups (pdf)

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