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phoneOur priority is those on the front-line of partnering – many of whom are at the receiving end of a chain of decision-making and accountability and with scant resources to deliver what is being demanded efficiently and / or effectively and even fewer resources available to experiment in doing things differently.

We are eager to get as many individual practitioners and organisations involved as possible so please feel free to contact us to explore possibilities. Here are some options to think about:

Apply to one of our Programmes either for your own professional development or on behalf of your organisation / partnership.

We are expanding the number of collaborating organisations and we are ready to reach out to other networks to take the project to scale. If you are an NGO, Business Organisation, Foundation, Bi-lateral or UN Agency, Government / Public sector entity or Civil Society Organisation keen to invest in and / or engage with improving remote partnering, please contact our Project Co-curator:

If you are a front-line partnership practitioner from whatever sector (business, NGO, government, civil society etc) and have case studies / stories / ideas / questions on the challenges and opportunities of partnering remotely to share – please send them through so we can share them with others. We will upload new materials and share or respond to questions as we receive them. Every contribution will help to make this a more penetrating, useful and influential project and will play its part in improving remote partnering for many others around the world.
Contact us on:

Consider joining our REMOTE PARTNERING STEERING GROUP where individuals who have been closely connected to this project from the beginning (see: Partners) have decided to work together to build a movement for change to champion this work and to make it more widely known to decision-makers, donors and other key players. Contact our Project Co-curator: