IRC – Brokering Partnerships Remotely

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This cohort is commissioned by the International Rescue Committee, Inc (IRC) and, therefore, comprises participants from organisations working in the Middle East, especially Syria. You work either with IRC or with an NGO which operates in the area and partners with IRC. Most of you work in the humanitarian aid sector and/or at the intersection between humanitarian relief and development priorities like health and education, in an incredibly challenging context. There are thirty participants in the course, and probably many of you know each other. Nevertheless, we hope that the training will create a space where you will get to know each other at a different level. Let us see.

Though the course follows a standard structure, the content has been evolved/modified based on the pre-course meetings with some of you. The course objectives, adapted based on the insights we gleaned from the meetings, are as follows:

  1. Explore mindsets, perceptions and assumptions to evolve a common understanding with regard to what effective partnering entails and the values that should underpin and drive the partnering process
  2. Share frameworks on partnership brokering, especially brokering remotely, to initiate dialogue about their relevance in the specific context in which course participants are operating
  3. Strengthen competencies to select and model fit-for-purpose approaches to partnering and to brokering partnerships remotely
  4. Encourage skilled and courageous leadership so course participants step up to bring about sustainable changes in the way of working with partners, especially when facing the challenges of working remotely.

Brokering partnerships remotely is an emergent practice and consequently this course is designed to evolve as we learn afresh ‘what is needed now’. This course brings together evidence from collaborative research, conceptual frameworks and imaginative insights to create a space for rich learning. Participants are encouraged to share their experience and to challenge as well as collaborate so that together we build new knowledge. As curators, we seek not to instruct, but to provide an experience that is participatory, experiential and deliberately flexible so as to respond to the needs and questions of each cohort.

So welcome to the course – let’s get started!

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